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Technical information

  • Chuck
    related products

    Chuck related products

    Chuck's technical information is being posted.

  • NC rotary table
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    NC rotary table's technical information is being posted.

  • vise
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    vise's technical information is being posted.

  • Robot hand


    Robot hand's technical information is being posted.



The features of Kitagawa products are explained in easy-to-understand videos.

  • Kitagawa - toward the future through manufacturing

    Kitagawa's approach to manufacturing for the future

  • Features of next generation standard chuck BR

    See the improvement of process capability by comparing the high-performance BR chuck and the conventional chuck in actual machining.

  • Features of strong & compact NC rotaty table MK

    Performed large-diameter drilling by high-performance NC rotary table MK with large clamping torque. Contributes to high productivity with stable clamping force.

  • Features of parallel gripper NPGT_S with length measurement function

    Contributes to process integration and cost reduction by performing transportation and measurement at the same time.

  • Features of quick plate exchange gripper QGB series

    Supports setup changes with easy and quick replacement and supports the use of robots in high-mix variable-volume production.